About Us

Kimberly Consalvi Daycare Director
Finding a quality daycare can be a daunting task that leaves many parents feeling helpless and confused about who they should entrust with the education and welfare of their child. Looking online for signs of a good home daycare will results in generic traits such as:

-A good reputation
-Established ground rules
-A stimulating curriculum
-A qualified, committed caregiver
-Clean, safe facilities
-A current license
Enchanted Forest Daycare has the privilege of employing Kimberly Consalvi as the Education Director. While we, along with the majority of Elkhorn Nebraska Daycare providers incorporate the above-mentioned traits, Kimberly’s ability to motivate and educate each child through individual attention and personally developed teaching strategies are the difference makers you have been searching for. Intrigued to learn more about how Enchanted Forest Daycare can help your child grow and learn? Schedule a time to meet with Kimberly and see the difference Enchanted Forest Daycare can make in your child’s life.