Our Programs


Enchanted Forest Daycare provides your child with a unique opportunity to learn through a curriculum constructed by using age-appropriate lessons that combine hands on real world learning that will help them grow their life and academic talents.


Within our class setting, your child will be taught letters, numbers, shapes, colors, simple math, science, art and music. While these academic talents provide an essential cornerstone for your child’s educational progression, Enchanted Forest Daycare works hard to instill your child with essential life skills they will need in the future. Children learn how to prepare and cook meals, wash and fold laundry, vacuum and how to clean up after we make a mess (and we make lots of them).


When your children are not learning in our classroom environment, we are exploring the many wonders available outside. Our students spend time exploring the outdoors, as they are taught to be courageous and explore their surroundings.

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